Quality Assurance

Brien Electrical is committed to the delivery of work and services of the highest quality required to meet the Client’s specifications.

To achieve this commitment company management has prescribed that the company has a quality assurance programme. As the managing director, I am responsible for ensuring that this program is implemented throughout the company’s operations. However the effectiveness of this system depends very largely on the support of all those involved with the company – including subcontractors, suppliers and customers. Where necessary, subcontractors are required to implement an appropriate Quality Management System.

The supply of appropriate quality works and services as defined by the client specifications, is dependent on the following objectives being adhered to.


  • To maintain a high standard of performance and efficiency of the company’s operations.
  • To provide a product or service which exceeds the Client’s specific quality requirements.
  • Enhance reputation.
  • Remain competitive in the market.
  • Preserve optimum competency and performance of all staff.

Mark D Brosnahan
Managing Director

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