The system should be serviced by a qualified person every 12 months depending on use. Before servicing, establish the refrigerant that has been used in the system.

Indoor unit

  • Inspect the filters, blower and indoor coil for dirt or obstructions.
  • Check the airflow.
  • Check the output temperature.

Outdoor unit

  • Clean the condenser coils as follows:

Clear the outside of the coil of debris.
Vacuum the coil fins using a soft bristle brush attachment – take care to avoid bending the fins.
Spray water from the inside to the outside of the coils to remove stuck debris using a hose and spray gun.
Vacuum or remove by hand any debris remaining in the unit.
If there are no bent coil fins, replace grille covers.

  • Check coil fins for damage – if coil fins are bent, straighten using a proprietary tool.
  • Lubricate fan bearings if required – sealed bearing units do not require oiling.
  • Inspect fan for damage and repair as required.
  • Check that the condenser unit is secure and level in both directions. If necessary, adjust the levelling feet, or make level with timber/plastic shims. If the unit is seriously out of level, repair or replace the base the unit sits on. Do not spray the fan motor or wires with water.


  • Check the operation of the air-on/air-off with a digital thermometer.
  • Check pipe joints for refrigerant leakage with bubble solution.


  • Check terminals and connections – clean and tighten if necessary.
  • Check fan motors for lubrication.
  • Check that the electric control is operating correctly.
  • Check that the thermostat is operating correctly.
  • Check the voltage.