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Drivaire Full Flow Air Filter

The patented Drivaire full flow filter is unique in a number of ways. Its cylindrical configuration increases surface area offered to the atmosphere and greatly improves airflow distribution, with resultant longer duration between cleaning/replacement.

Filter replacement is not necessary until further into filter life, due to a built-in stiffening device, allowing shape retention after washing. Conventional filters lack this feature and will not hold their shape.

The EU4 rated non-woven polyester artificial fabric is non-shedding and is graded at 1 to 3 microns, and will hold particles as small as 0.5 micron, or 1/2000mm (0.00005mm).

This filter is of benefit to those who dwell within its influence, and is of special interest to people with asthma or severe bronchial problems.

Note that our standard size filter has a white elastic band (225mm neck size), and ‘Super’ series for centrifugal fans (200mm neck size) has red stitching on the neckband.

Filters should be inspected annually, and if no longer white, washed gently in cold water with a minimum of detergent, dried naturally (not tumble dried) and refitted.

Vacuuming may suffice where a filter is slightly soiled.

New Feature:

For special applications we have produced a filter rated at EU6. While this filter will hold smaller particles than the EU4, it will “blind off” or block out at a much faster rate. It also requires more pressure to pass a given volume of air and should be used only after consultation with Drivaire.

Drivaire Home Air Systems General Information

All Drivaire air moving products have one main aim — to improve air quality within the home, either by heating, cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying, transferring heat, filtering air, or a combination of all or some of these functions.

Drivaire Home Air Systems fall into three categories:

  1. POSITIVE PRESSURE SYSTEMS where air is filtered and drawn from a high point in the roof space, slightly increasing air pressure within the home to dehumidify, ventilate and dry with air of a better quality than would otherwise exist in living spaces. Free solar heating is an added benefit, and Combi models have built-in air heaters. Special Drivaire models serve as a fresh air heater/dehumidifier for use in Lockwood type homes, or other designs with no roof space.

  2. HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEMS to move warm air from a high temperature zone (usually a lounge with wood or gas fired heating) to areas such as bedrooms. These units ventilate and dry spaces which lack a sunny aspect, and with operating skills, are useful as fresh air dehumidifiers.

  3. ‘COMBINED’ SYSTEMS, using motorised air valves, offering all the benefits of positive pressure as well as re-circulating heat or cool air transfer, or use of electric air heaters either in ‘fresh’ or ‘recirc’ modes. These units permit best use of solar generated heat, plus the option to recirculate household warmth as roof space temperature drops. Summer cooling is available also.

Drivaire - Installation Options


Model Selection

The Drivaire ‘standard’ 225 series (Standard Auto, Combi 1, Combi 2) have quality ball race motors, axial blades, stainless steel finned tube electric air heaters and powder coated housings. Houses of up to 160m2  are served. Heated models feature electronic “tiny wire” touch pad control, programmable timers, free heat mode, status display.

‘Super’ series adjust to suit houses of up to 450m2, have high pressure centrifugal fans and are manufactured in a range of models, some with up to 4kW of electric air heat.

While the hybrid Air Valve Super has two air valves as standard, the selection of seven air valve add-on kits extends options to warm and cool air transfer, air mixing, outside air supply, automatic heat seeking, and destination zone selection.

A recent Drivaire development, the Hybrid Heat Pump Companion has summer / winter selection and “homes” to dehumidifying mode when the heat or cool source room lacks heat or cool.

Over 25 years of air system design and manufacture, Drivaire has developed methods of producing quality products at reasonable prices to suit all homes.

Drivaire technicians, with continuous research and development, manufacture World class advanced products, consolidating Drivaire’s status as “New Zealand’s Leading Home Air System”.

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